Revived from the residences of ancient fishermen, Antica Dimora San Girolamo is the ideal starting point for visiting the seaside town of Licata, one of the most characteristic cities of Sicily’s Western coast.
The project’s founder, Lavinia, was inspired to create this authentic vacation destination from childhood memories of walking the picturesque alleys of the Marina. Guests will enjoy a truly authentic fishing village experience as the restoration of the buildings has included original decorated floors, wooden ceilings and historically accurate decorative accents. During restoration, this project revealed a sixteenth century well running 60 feet deep, which provided artifacts from the original owners, fisherman and farmers.
The hotel, extremely comfortable and elegantly furnished, is situated 100 feet from the Lighthouse at the edge of the popular district known as “The Marina”. This ancient and fascinating neighborhood is a historical center where nearby monuments, museums and restaurants can be explored. To make the experience complete, the breakfast meal is sourced completely from organic, local farmers.
The superb combination of the warm and cheerful village, elegant and comfortable accommodations, family-friendly staff, local cuisine and attention to detail, is sure to make your stay at Antica Dimora San Girolamo an unforgettable experience.