Licata is a magical place …
… Where the sun never goes on vacation.

Licata, is located about 40 Km from Agrigento and is located in southern Sicily.

On the slopes of a hill called “The Mountain”, the beautiful countryside is reflected
in crystal clear water of the Salty River below.
Its coastline boasts stretches of sandy beaches alternating with high cliffs, a truly
unique landscape featuring ancient sites from the Paleolithic to Hellenistic-Roman period.
Its location makes it the ideal place to go to discover these unforgettable destinations:

  • The Valley of the Temples (AG) (AG);
  • Palma de Lichtenberg (AG) with the places of the Leopard;
  • The Salt Mines of Realmonte (AG);
  • The Mines of Sulphur Trabia Tallarita – Riesi – (CL);
  • Piazza Armerina – (EN) with the Villa del Casale and its mosaics;
  • Aidone – (EN) – and its treasures in the Museum
    (The Goddess of Morgantina The Argenti Eupolemo, The Acroliths);

The proposed route offers the variety of visiting the coast and inland Sicily, touching the provinces
of Enna and Caltanissetta. Opportunities abound to discover food, wine and culture on this adventure.

Activities and Services

Services for boaters:

  • Mooring watercraft;
  • Fuel dock;
  • Storage;
  • Authorized service and sales;
  • Beaching up to 20 tons;
  • 70 Places for mooring dock with water and electricity;
  • Fiberglass repairs and painting;
  • Rental boats.

Services, tours and excursions:

  • Guided tour with DOHC 1931;
  • Hiking on a sailboat;
  • Hiking Licata, art and flavors of the city;
  • Tour of the Baroque Agrigentino, the Valley
    of the Temples and places of Pirandello;
  • Piazza Armerina, Catagirone, mosaics and ceramics;
  • Transfer organized by Pullman;
  • Minibus with driver;
  • Transfer to / from airports (CT-PA), ports, train stations;
  • Speaking guides for the tour;
  • Reservation of restaurants;
  • Transfer services to the beach;
  • Book tickets for exhibitions / events.